Q. What is a static web page?
A. A static web page is a page of information that you cannot edit yourself.  Everytime you need to add/edit/remove information you need to contact your web designer/web design company to request a change.  This kind of static website is cheaper but if you require changes on a regular basis, you will have to pay on a "per change" basis and agree a monthly/annual fee for an agreed amount of changes.  These changes tend to be text only in most cases. Graphic design changes would be more expensive.
Q. What is a Content Management System?
A. A content managed website gives you the ability to edit/add/remove information on your website without having to contact your web designer/web design company and request changes. Content managed websites are more expensive, but once they are setup and running, you have control when managing the content of your site.
Q. What does "Web Hosting" mean?
A. To have a website setup on the internet you need to "rent" space on a computer that is connected to the internet 24/7. This space is called hosting and there are a number of internet providers who can offer you hosting.  Our preferred supplier is a company called Blacknight.

You tend to pay for hosting on a yearly basis i.e. you are renting a space to put your website on so people surfing the internet can view it. This space has to be paid for.
Q. What is a "Domain Name"?

A domain name is a unique address that points to your website.  Without this, people would not be able to find your website. The same principal as having a mailing address.  If people did not know your home address, they could not come and visit you or send letters/cards etc.

Domain names need to be purchased along with your web hosting space.  Domain names can be reserved from two years up to ten years.